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The Me-Fie phenomenon has literally blasted off in Tokyo, and with good cause. Me-Fie is all about providing the highest level of service and professionalism, brilliant studio quality images, extraordinary fun, and wonderful souvenirs for the client, their guests and sponsors. Simply put, it’s a ingenious, high-tech, convenient and portable promotional tool for any discerning corporate client and event.

Nino Ellison, Multi-award winning photographer specializing in fashion/runway, portrait, landscape & editorial

FASHION NIGHT OUTで展開。Me-Fieフォトブースはファッション性が高く、イベントコンセプトにもマッチし、また、ブランド体験を使用者のSNS投稿へと誘引してくれるいいツールでした。

Aiko Noto, Brand management @ZIMA


DJ YAS, Dj & Producer @Kemuri Production

This was our first experiences with MeFie at the E! Zone. The results were phenomenal! It was truly the highlight of the evening and channeled the kind of fan friendly engagement you covet as an event organizer! Highly recommend!

Dan Smith, Producer @E! Zone JAPAN

UltraSuperNew used MeFie for many activations for its clients and people simply love it. The quality and speed of the images are amazing. I am always happy to see how many people share the MeFie photos or change their profile photo with a MeFie pic. No matter how tired, hung over etc. you are: on a MeFie pic you always look good.

Marc Wesseling, Director @UltraSuperNew

Enabling fans to build memories rooted in brand experience is one of our major challenge. We tried Me-Fie this summer and regularly activate it since, for the incredible picture quality, the unique way it engage people, and simply because its highly performing, with measurable effects.

Vincent Nicol, Brand Manager @ZIMA


Satoshi Maruhashi, Tokyo International Art Fair Organizer

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